Following this guide for Samsung S3 Mini to install recovery: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_i9300

  1. Started up in download mode
  2. connected USB
  3. in Terminal (Linux user), typed in heimdall flash --RECOVERY <file-name>.img --no-reboot

The Terminal returned the error:

ERROR: Partition "RECOVERY" does not exist in the specified PIT.

What do?

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I managed to solve as follows (on Linux):

Cause of problem: In the PIT, there is no partition, called "RECOVERY" (duh). Keep in mind, the command is case sensitive.

Have a look at the PIT:

sudo heimdall print-pit --verbose

On my phone the recovery-related partition was called "Kernel2"

What worked is:

sudo heimdall flash --Kernel2 recovery-clockwork- --no-reboot

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