While installing custom rom i think i deleted some key file so now my PC is not able to detect my android phone, nor I have any saved roms on the phone to recover. I do not have SD card slot but have clockworks recovery software so if someone can tell me how i can make my PC detect the android phone it would be great.

  • Did you reinstall your drivers? Did you reinstall ADB and Fastboot? Do you have the ROMs on your PC? Get everything setup again and redo. You don't mention what device you have, nor Android version. Plus what steps you have initially performed that have led to your conundrum – HasH_BrowN Mar 16 '15 at 8:00
  • Hi I managed to fix the phone. I have mentioned my steps in the answer below.I have Galaxy S3,SGH T999. – Curious Mar 18 '15 at 7:25

Which device do you have? There might be an option in CWM to enable MTP to gain access to storage over USB.

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  • I wasn't able to ad a comment to his original post. I am able to now however. Which is really a damned if you damned if don't situation. – Tyler Raber Mar 17 '15 at 7:53
  • I have uploaded my solution in the answers section. Thank you for all your help. You guys are the best. – Curious Mar 18 '15 at 7:26

I managed to fix the phone. I flashed it with custom ROM for T mobile using Odin. I have SAMSUNG GALAXY S3, SGH T999. Initially the phone was not getting detected so i tried using ADB to transfer a ROM. That worked but IMEI no was still not available. It showed null, so i flashed it with stock ROM. Anyone who has same issue can try my method. Here is the link to flash Stock ROM using Odin. http://androidxda.com/flash-samsung-stock-rom-using-odin

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