Viber's Voice message files are located in :


directory, and they don't have any extension format on them. so, I'm looking for a solution to convert them to a common audio file format.


I suppose you have voice tags on your phone or tablet. They are in the folder sdcard/Viber/media/PTT. They are designated by numbers 1, 2, ... without the extension.

  1. First you need to install Viber on your computer.

  2. Install Audacity on the PC as well.

  3. Run Viber on the PC and let send a short voice message from somebody to you. If this is the first report after installation, it will be labelled "1" and will be in the \users\% username%\documents\ viberdownloads\ppt .

  4. Delete this message and replace it with a sound file from your tablet or computer. (I send the file by email from tablet to PC). Be careful that the file had the same name as deleted file and had no extension.
  5. Start Viber and test play a sound file.
  6. Run Audacity. Select the correct input source (at the microphone icon) - in my case SoundMaxDigitalAudio-stereo mixer. (See https://tjosm.com/3908/how-save-voice-messages-received-viber/) Enable recording.
  7. In Viber play voice recording and let the whole recording play.
  8. In Audacity stop recording and save the recording as "file in another format", e.g. mp3.

in Memory/Android/data/com.viber.voip/files/.ptt you'll find all the *.m4a audio files.

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