I tried to root my Galaxy Core 2 Duos using Kingo root, which installed SuperSU. Unfortunately rooting failed all of a sudden, but still SuperSU remains.

How can I remove SuperSU from my device?

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for Root your Device, i think after using KingoRoot, you need Install Latest version of SuperSuthen, Root access is Successfully work.

and, for Delete ;

Use Full Wipe, or Install new rom.

  1. Save /SDcard stuff (Photo/Video/otherstuff)

  2. Open Kies - Do "firmware upgrade/wipe) clears SU

Careful with samsung ; they dont like to be rooted. in fact the worst brand to IMO


You should simply just be able to uninstall SuperSU as you would any app via your apps viewer. If I were you I would avoid using KingoRoot, I have heard some poor rumors about it. Try Re-rooting the device using something like towelroot, afterwords you would then install SuperSU from the appstore, allowing you to give apps superuser permission.

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