My 9 year old son rooted his tab on his own, against my wishes. I tried a factory restore and used Kies to load via PC although this did not restore the tab.

It's still showing as rooted. Can anyone help as it seems he should have installed software prior to rooting from what I have read. Is there anything I can do to restore it to factory-defaults? Please anyone who can give suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.

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Just reinstalling factory ROM will remove root access. I am assuming he has a custom recovery image installed? Also, how exactly is it showing that its rooted? Is a superuser app installed? Stock ROM?


I would recommend doing a nandroid backup before messing around with it too much. If you have a custom recovery installed, such as TWRP, you could download the stock ROM of your specific model (or really, any rom you wanted), and flash it via custom recovery. I highly suggest backing up prior. Once you do this everything should go back to how it would be if it was a brand new phone (besides the custom recovery - but this is more beneficial than problematic.)

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