After the update on my Moto G gen 2 to Android Lollipop, the phone is not able to detect the SD Card which I did not remove at any point in time even after successful installation of software. I'm using a 16G Class 10, Strontium Chip.

I tried resetting the phone, but the issue prevails.


Best recommendation, after you've presumably tested the card on your computer and verified it works:

  1. Use a disk imager such as this one to make a full image backup of the SD card onto your computer. This will ensure things like permissions are preserved in case that becomes an issue later.

  2. Separately just copy all of the data off of the card onto your computer.

  3. Reformat it from your computer as FAT32, then load all the data back onto it.

  4. See if it mounts on the phone.

  5. See if it actually functions the way you want, and all your apps can access it the way they need to.

  6. If step 5 doesn't work out, then try restoring the image you made in step 1, and see if it works properly now.

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