I feel myself so lame, because what I want, it seems so obvious, but for me, it's not.

I am developing a game in my city, where I want to place some NFC tags, and players need to visit these places. I want to give them the exact lat and lng coordinates. And I am stuck at here.

I opened the google map application in my phone, and my location is shown on the map, but I just cant see anywhere these informations. I tried to do it in a browser, but the same situation.

Can somebody guide me, how can I get the coordiantes of my position?

I tried to save it into a google drive, but there is only a document only with a link, what show me the map, but not the requested informations.

Thanks, and sorry, if this is too lame.

Ps: that would be awesome, if somehow I could save it directly to my phone, because I need to place 50 tags, that would be hard to write it down, and then write back into the computer.

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There are several GPS apps which, amongst others, display the exact coordinates on your screen. Some even offer to export them. Moreover, there are apps for GPS tracking, recording your positions and usually allow you to export your recordings in GPS eXchange Format or Keyhole Markup Language. In both cases, exported files have the locations in plain ASCII.

For your case, a well suited app should support manual recording of Waypoints. This way you'd end up with exatly the locations recorded you want (and no extra ones).

A good choice would probably be GPS Status & Toolbox, which in its pro version (~USD 3) allows you to a.o. "show/store/edit/export multiple waypoints".

GPS Status GPS Status Pro GPS Status Pro
GPS Status & Toolbox (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants)

Note that the (implicated) other part of your question (how to process them for/in your app) is off-topic here, as this site is dedicated to end-users (not developers).

  • Thank you for your detailed answer, it helped me a lot. I will use this too. Later, I found the solution. Go to my google maps, then I can add a marker, so later, when I finished, I can export that to KML too, and there will all the points. I will use both that, and this tool too. +1 for this nice, and linked answer.
    – vaso123
    Mar 17, 2015 at 14:31
  • Though I suspected there might be such a function in GMaps, I myself don't use GMaps too frequently (I avoid GApps on my Android devices as much as I can – they already know enough about me ;) – so I didn't know about it. But glad I was able to help! Enjoy the links, too :)
    – Izzy
    Mar 17, 2015 at 14:37

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