My HTC keeps running out of phone storage, there is supposed to be four GB of storage but it always gets full at one GB of app data and 3 gigs of "Other" data which isn't cache and I can't even see what it is, I've had this problem with previous HTC phones, I've done what I can to move as many apps to my SD card but most can be moved there. What is this Other, is it important data, and can i move it or get rid of it.

Screenshot (click it for larger variant)

  • Have you checked what is shown when it connects to the PC? Does this memory appear when you connect to PC? Try using a file manager to browse the files of your phone, and look for anything unusual. Mar 21, 2015 at 19:56

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"Other" is just anything that doesn't fall into one of the other categories. If you install a file-manager app (such as OI File Manager) you can browse through the actual files and see exactly what's there.

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