All my picture and videos (whatsapp and DCIM) are gone from my gallery after connecting my phone (Samsung Note Edge) to my computer via USB cable and till now I cannot retrieve them.

All my pictures and video still exist in my phone but you need to access them through my phone files (My Files folder).

  • Have you tried using any other app than Gallery app? like Gallery Pro or any other app from the playstore to list your albums..? – Lucky May 27 '15 at 9:51

Check if you have a hidden file named .nomedia (double check also for uppercase name) on device memory (storage folder) and delete.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> ALL -> Media Storage. Select Clear data + Clear defaults. Disable the App.

Reboot the device. Now enable again Settings -> Apps -> ALL -> Media Storage.

Wait a couple of minutes (so it should reindex files). I think all files should be now again in Gallery. Note: Do not try to run any rescan App, just follow the above steps.

Source: Images have disappeared from gallery, but still in "My Files" (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 5.0.2)

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