I accidentally deleted the wrong memo on my phone so I was wondering if I could restore it or not and if I can then how?


Try going to your Memo Menu button > Settings > Accounts > Samsung Account, and do a sync.

Hope this helps.

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    Wouldn't that just cause the deletion being synced "upstream"? I have no Samsung device, but from my general experience with Android, I'd take a different approach: Preceding your steps with making a Backup of app & data (e.g. with Helium), then go to Settings › Apps, open the "All" tab and from there the "Memo" app, and then delete its app and data (making it "virgin" again). After that, the sync must be one-way – and download all previously sync'd data. Only that, 2 days after the accident, the deletion certainly is already sync'd. – Izzy Mar 25 '15 at 16:17

If it has been backed up to Google Drive (which it might have on an S3), try logging into you google account from a browser on a PC and go to https://keep.google.com/#trash and see if it is still there. If it has not been backed up to Google, I am afraid that I don't see any option to recover.

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