Suppose the new version of APK of any project is currently installed on the Android phone, but I want to install my previous APK on the phone. In that case, what will happen? Will it be updated to the previous build or showing error?

If it's updated to the previous build, will it only show specific things from that build, or also include the current (latest) things?

  • Downgrading used to be possible before Android 4.0.
    – neverMind9
    Jan 20 '18 at 10:41

No, you can't downgrade the app. The installation will fail (with error code [INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE] if installed from ADB).

Normally, you need to uninstall the app/updates, then install the specific version from the APK, but doing this will also clear the data. There are alternatives to prevent that:

In case of using the first 2 alternatives, you will only see the specific things from that build only, since basically you are having that version.

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