My only device = An Android tablet (4.0.3), no laptop.

Long ago, I used to have a laptop, but circumstances have left me with (technology wise) only an Android tablet (4.0.3). When I used to have a laptop, I used VLC not only to watch videos that I downloaded & collected, but also to check on what a specific video's dimensions were (examples = 480x360, 640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080).

Now that I only have a tablet, I have looked for a way to do this, but with zero success. I have tried lots of video players for Android including VLC's own app & none of them have the option to show any information about a video file. I use such information because the videos that I download always have more than one size available (dimensionals wise), but never identify the dimensions that any file has.

So, if anybody knows a way to find out the dimensions of a specific video file that I have downloaded & have on my tablet, please let me know.

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MX Player provides a way to check video resolution. All you have to do is install and open MX Player, touch hold the video file until you see some options and select properties. There you can find resolution listed as well as other codec information.

Besides, VLC for Android also shows the resolution. Install and open the app, left-swipe and choose Video option. There you can find all the videos scanned by VLC with resolution already listed on them. However, if you choose Directories option, then you can't see the resolution.

  • Thanks Firelord. This helps me (among others) more than most people would believe. I didn't notice that VLC for android can do that because I was always making the 'mistake' of directly clicking on a video file & choosing to play it with VLC, in which case you get almost zero options. They should let you see a "media/file info" screen/menu while it's playing a video file, which most other versions of VLC can do. It would NEVER have occurred to me to start VLC WITHOUT a video file because that's VLC's only reason to exist. Mar 27, 2015 at 14:47

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