For many times I found myself in a situation, that my battery charge was about 25-30% when I was going to sleep. Since I was always told to not let battery down below 20% (correct me, if that's wrong) I was faced with two options in this situation:

  • plug phone to charger and let it charge for entire night,
  • leave it and let it down to about 10-15%, that is below wrong level for battery charge.

I was always wondering, what option is best for my battery's life and phone's overall performance.

Can someone provide information, which option is better in mentioned situation?

  • I'm always charging if it's possible. So when I'm leaving home or workplace, all devices are at 100%.
    – ott--
    Mar 29 '15 at 9:40

Never let it run down below 10% if you can help it. Running down to "absolute zero" harms your battery (and might even render it inoperable – which is why most devices shut-down before reaching that point). Modern LiIo batteries don't suffer from "memory effect", so ideally you'd plug-in a charger whenever possible: "trickle-charging" doesn't hurt them, low charge (less than 5% definitely) shortens their life-span.

For details, please check with...

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