Am I right in thinking that as of Lollipop 5.1 all group messages sent via Messenger are sent via MMS?

In prior versions I had the choice to send them as multiple SMS messages, which is what I want as my contract gives me unlimited SMS messages but charges me per MMS.

  • I noticed it as well and it really frustrates me, because MMS is barely affordable. I doubt however, that it is related to 5.1. I believe the OS update coincided with an update to the Messenger app - apparently a favor to the carriers, who can now charge us for something that is actually free. – CodeManX May 22 '15 at 9:37

I was recommended the Textra app to send group SMS as an actual SMS rather than MMS and I would recommend it to everyone else too. Cost me something like 60p after the trial period ran out, or about the same as 2 MMS messages!


-Open the stock sms app

-Open the menu

-Click on settings

-Scroll down to "MMS"

-Uncheck "SMS/MMS send to groups" (My language is german, so there is possibly a different test)

Working with CyanogenMod 5.1.1

regards Lukas

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