When booting into recovery mode and installing a ROM zip from my SDcard, it first says I need to mount my /sdcard (when it is mounted), and then it says "signature verification failed", despite my using a stock ROM zip.

Perhaps this has something to do with my obtaining the stock(?) ROM from a possibly untrustworthy third-party site? What is the official download site for Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) phones?

thanks in advance for the help

(cf. my other question for more background information)

  • You probably have the stock recovery installed. It requires every zip to be signed with Samsung's signature to prevent users from flashing incompatible zips. Install a custom recovery like CWM, TWRP or Philz and try again.
    – GiantTree
    Commented Apr 4, 2015 at 12:19
  • @GiantTree: Where do I get these? thanks (and happy Easter, btw ☺). I tried this one, and it threw the "signature validation failed" error.
    – Geremia
    Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 1:29

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I have found sammobile.com a very useful site for finding firmware for samsung devices. I don't think there is an official download site. Here is the firmware for SGH-M919

I have had the same issue before. Just trying the same process again fixed it for me.
You can try wiping your cache and dalvik cache but I am not sure if that will make a difference. Then retry flashing the ROM.
Also make sure you have downloaded the file correctly. Trying to Install a partially downloaded file will give you a lot of headaches!


You can get ClockWork Mod Recovery by installing it with the Rom Manager App, from GPlay or here: https://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager

or find TWRP (my personal preference) here: http://twrp.me/Devices/

  • Your first option would not work for me because my phone does not boot up. I'll try out the second option. thanks
    – Geremia
    Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 4:08
  • …Your second option would not work because twrp.me/Devices has .img files, not .zips.
    – Geremia
    Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 4:13
  • Are you able to boot into download mode? If so, you should have no trouble installing through Odin. Follow the "Odin Install Method" here: twrp.me/devices/samsunggalaxys4tmobile.html
    – Jason D.
    Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 4:20
  • No, I cannot enter download mode, either. I can only install *.zips. Things would be very easy if I could enter USB debugging mode or download mode, but I cannot because it will not reboot.
    – Geremia
    Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 5:12
  • what to do if my tablet is not booting up. while flashing, it says that signature verification failed.
    – Saksham
    Commented Jul 25, 2015 at 7:03

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