In an attempt to not waste time or data on loading images or videos on website, I've been looking for a way to setup my phone to only load text of a website. Unfortunately, my Google-fu is failing me here. How can I set this up?

  • If this were a normal desktop-based browser, a personal css file would help here. I'm not sure how this would be performed on an android; root would almost certainly be required in any case. #a {} is probably a good start.
    – wbogacz
    Apr 5, 2015 at 0:40
  • 1
    Perhaps related (though maybe too extreme) android.stackexchange.com/questions/18709/…
    – Andrew T.
    Apr 5, 2015 at 5:18

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Step 1 : Download the UC Mini Browser App and Install it.

Step 2 : Open it.

Step 3 : Go to the Settings part.

Step 4 : Set the Image Quality to Text-Only.

Step 5 : Enjoy.

Note : This option is only for the app, there is no system-wide option to do so.

  • Only problem I have with this browser is that enter on the phone's keyboard just acts like a "hide keyboard" button. Still, worth it to use when not on WiFi or wanting to speed up load times. Apr 5, 2015 at 23:24

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