When in a group chat with iphone users I often get:

  • Messages that are received late
  • Messages that send late
  • Error messages stating a have received a "multimedia message" from one member of the group chat, when no message was sent

I understand that imessage and iphones don't play nice in general. But are there any steps that I can take to reduce these issues. Any advice at all?

(Using Nexus 6, but have experienced this problem on the 5 and Galaxy Nexus. All T-mobile.)

  • Exact same problems here. Please don't forget to update this if you ever find a solution. – Matt Cofer Apr 10 '15 at 20:17

It seems when iphone owners deactvate imessage you can send and receive sms to/from them without problems. It seems lollipop cannot read sms because it seems an imessage and not a sms. A clear bug.

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