I have samsung galaxy note 3(sm900) Recently i updated my note 3 from kikat (4.4.2) to lollipop (5.0) via ota Due to this my phone became very laggy and slow and often app crashes I wish to downgrade my phone from lollipop to kitkat How can i downgrade it

  • I tried searching on google but there was no specific answer to my query thats why i posted over here. May 5, 2015 at 12:54

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Why go back?? Try a factory reset. I have a note 3 Exynos on lollipop and it works really well. IMO the mobile is faster than it used to be on kitkat.

However if you want to downgrade, the download the latest version of kitkat and flash it using Odin.

Edit: Take the downgrade as a last resort since there is no sure way of knowing.. Sorry.

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