I have a Galaxy SIII (GT-i9300) and I'm following the instructions for installing CyanogenMod on it here.

However, when following step 4 of the first part:

  1. Boot the Galaxy S III (International) into download mode. Hold Home, Volume Down & Power. Accept the disclaimer on the device. Then, insert the USB cable into the device

I get stuck in the (in)famous Downloading... Do not turn off target screen. I don't even know if this is expected and if I should wait it to download something (download what? I have no idea). If this is not expected, what should I do to go on with the process?

I have checked other questions, but I couldn't tell if my case is the same, since other people state that they got into download mode by accident

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    Why are you installing CM10.2 from download mode. just use recovery mode – Thomas Vos Apr 14 '15 at 14:19
  • as far as I recall, I've always flashed my CM roms in recovery mode. then when the update feature came out, I just used that – svarog Apr 14 '15 at 20:56

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