I am using Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS Smart Phone, All the images and video files present in My Files(default file browser app for android) are not showing up in Gallery(default app), and Other Apps(e.g., MX Player) are also not able to detect the media present in devices internal storage. Please help me to fix this issue, and Does this behavior, drain my phones battery ?

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I found that when I charged via computer USB all my photos were in the folder \Phone\DCIM\Camera.

All I did was move the photo files to a folder in the computer then copy them back to the camera folder and all of them could be seen again. Took about 2 minutes for 400 photos.


I am having this issue as well.

I have no idea why this works, but if i copy the folders to my computer, delete the ones on my phone, then copy them back, they all appear


Make sure there is no .nomedia file in the folder or in the parent folder (Sdcard). This prevents media files to be shown in the Gallery. Be aware that .nomedia is an hidden file, so you won't see it until you activate shown hidden files in your file browser.


I spent one hour with T-Mobile tech level 2 (supervisor) on this same issue. I followed the advice above, enabled Show Hidden Files and, sure enough, all the way at the bottom was a .nomedia file. As soon as I deleted that, the photos and videos started showing up in the Gallery.

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