Recently I tried to update my whatsapp as it wont work unless and untill i update it. When i try to update it says "there is insufficient space on the device. I deleted all that I possibly could have to free some memory. Moreover, I don't have any other app except Google settings and watsapp on my phone. In device memory I have 165 mb used and 25 mb fre What am I suppose to do to get my whatsapp back? Please help


Well what you can do is, first uninstall WhatsApp. Then go to WhatsApp's Android webite [Link] then install the latest version via the APK. That should successfully help you update to the latest version of WhatsApp(old chats will be detected after you launch after the reinstall)


I am facing similar issue. Installing via apk doesn't work. I have tried many ways some of them are listed below. I am sure if your try one of it will work:

UninstallPlay Store and Reinstall

ClearCache of Play Services.

Uninstall Play Services.

Clear Data of Play Store.

Install older version of play store.

Clear App cache of all apps.


hi that happened to me all you have to do is uninstall whatsapp and the rest your phone then charge it to 100% then reinstall whatsapp and then it will have already been updated. I hope this helped :) .

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