In ES File Explorer, each folder has its name underneath it. But if the name is long, only a truncated version of it appears. How can I see the full name?

Bonus question: is there a more general way of seeing full file names when only partial names are shown?


Assuming that ES File Explorer is on default view, which is Large Icon

You can long-press the folder/file, then select More - Properties to see its full name.

For a general way (in case there are many folders/files with long name), you can try changing the view to list by selecting View - (any) List/Detail. In most cases, it will display long enough name. The downside is you only see fewer folders/files.


In addition to Andrew's answer (Selecting More --> Properties on the bottom right corner of the app)

you can also select the file and press Rename on the bottom next to delete.

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