I've had My Sony XperiamT2 for over 6 months and I use WCDMA on sim 1 and put GSM on sim 2.

Recently, sim 2 lost network coverage completely. This is is the same when I do the network mode vice-versa e.g. sim 1 -GSM and sim 2 - WCDMA/GSm preffered, then sim 1 loses coverage while sim2 gets coverage.

As the phone is designed to work with one sim on WCDMA and the other on GSM, whichever slot that has GSM has no network completely.

I have tried hard reset, PC Companion repair and reinstalling but I'm still only able to have one line with signal (network coverage) having WCDMA.

This makes my phone to cease functioning as a dual sim. How do I sort out this problem?

  • Wild guess: Have you checked with your provider? Maybe 2G data have been somehow "limited" lately, or support for it even dropped completely. – Izzy May 5 '15 at 11:13

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