I installed clockworkmod as the recovery, then installed cyanogen 7 nightly for the g2x. I used Rom Manager to do so. The problem I'm having is cyanogen shows the boot loading screen in an infinite loop. From what I have read on the Internet, I need to clear out the cache on the phone, and it should boot.

I can adb reboot recovery but it does not go into clockworkmod. Instead, it shows the icon of an arrow leaving a box - I suppose an indication it is trying to install an update. I cannot get it to boot into recovery mode.

Is it possible to do so? Or can I clear the cache or reflash the LG G2X using adb? My poor phone! I am lonely without it!

(This is a G2X - if the "tmobile-g2(s)" tag is incorrect, please remove it)


I am not sure about the G2X, but when I would reboot in to recovery on my Galaxy S Vibrant, I used to have to "apply updates", which would run the update.zip that was on the sdcard, this would bring me in to the clockwork recovery.

I also know that the adb reboot recovery does not yet work correctly on the Galaxy S Vibrant version, so this could be the same issue on the G2X.

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