I have bought Google Cardboard for my Nexus 4, but its side magnet to go inside the apps is not working. I don't know what's wrong. Can anyone help me?


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I bought a cardboard, working with Nexus 4. It had the same problem as described, but I managed to solve it. see the picture attached, I extend the moving range far more 50 mm, and it works(clicking now!)Magnet not working fixed by


In my experience it's very finicky. Try entering a cardboard app and using the center dividing line on the screen as a guide to positioning. If that still doesn't work, I usually move the phone left in very small increments until I can get it to work.

It may also depend on the manufacturer of the Cardboard set. The magnet is using the phones magnetic sensors to trigger a command. If the magnet they provided isn't strong enough or is positioned incorrectly, it won't work.


I have dark shader + N4. I had to remove the magnet and wave it near the phone. Ugly but effective.

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