In settings, they only give 15 secs to 30 mins options. But in my scenario, I need make it like an ads screen to present information forever, until the screen dead.

Is there any way to achieve that? Do I need unlock the bootloader?

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Download tasker from play store

Import the following task to tasker (save as .xml ) and then import

Download tasker task.

You will get the following screen on time 23 hrs 59mins 59 secs

Put a profile to run everyday, so it gets repeated everyday.



Wake Lock does the job without going through extra setup (Tasker) and is tiny in size. Just use FULL_WAKE_LOCK to stay awake and NO_LOCK to disable.

  • Thank you. I have written a line of code to force the app wake up the tab.
    – Yi Jiang
    Aug 17, 2016 at 22:41

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