today i tried to download an application from play store. but instead it showed the error message not enough store space in device memory. i tried to search the solution for it on net. so i did few things like. 1. go to settings> all application> then Google play services clear cache ,clear data , force stop it. 2. and then do the same thing for Google play store.

but they also didn't work. what should i do.

  • What phone? On most Samsungs it helps to: open the dialer, type *#9900# then a menu appears and select the second item: Delete dumpstate/logcat That will free up space from some internal partitions and enable app installs. Commented Apr 24, 2015 at 0:00
  • insufficient-memory-tag This tag is associated with may questions with similar issues. Have a look at it. If it helps then please answer your question. Otherwise, do an edit to let us know what did you try but not worked out.
    – Firelord
    Commented May 1, 2015 at 1:46

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Maybe simply there isnt enough storage as stated in the error.

Apps are installed in data patition not your internal sd card. Dont be misleaded by that. There are /cache /data /system partitions .Preinstalled system applications are in read only /system partition. When you install app from play store it will be installed in /data partition and its limited. My 16 GB phone has only 2GB data partition

Try to clear some other applications data

  1. Check your data connection is active
  2. Make sure Download Manager is turned on
  3. Check your device has enough free storage available
  4. Clear cache & data
  5. Re-install Play Store updates
  6. Check for system updates

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