I had some struggles with my phone over the last few months, but now the power button isn't working anymore (button fell off and also this "power-button-mechanism" is broken.), I can't switch it on anymore and I would need to get some files from the device's internal storage. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reasonably priced replacement.

There is a similar question here regarding Samsung Galaxy S2, but different to this, my phone is way out of warranty and I already disassembled it to the mainboard (should be working still as the red LED flashes and my PC recognizes an unknown device when connected via USB)


I guess I have three possibilities:

  • Replace power module: as mentioned above, I couldn't find a replacement for good value.

  • "Repair" power module: it seems that the power button (when pressed) only connects two conductors, but the flex band is torn, I tried to kind of reconnect them, but I don't really have the equipment for this tiny stuff.

  • Access internal storage directly (maybe via JTAG): it's also mentioned in the Galaxy S2 post from above:

    ... all you could do to access its storage is using some JTAG like device to get physically access...

I don't really know anything about that, does anybody have experience with that? And as I have disassembled the phone already, I'm quite interested in how latter approach would work.


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