Recently I updated my phone to android lollipop. When I type my pin in lock screen a balloon/ripple effect or a circular thing is observed near the key which I pressed/touched. I don't want that effect in my mobile. Can I remove it without rooting my phone?

  • Do you mean the ripple effect ? – rjt.rockx Apr 25 '15 at 6:33
  • yes, I guess that is what it is called technically. Added it to my question :) – Abhishek Apr 25 '15 at 6:33
  • That is a doubt, because it is present in the device's framework. You can't remove it unless you modify it, and you can't modify it unless you root your phone. So ... You can't without rooting. – rjt.rockx Apr 25 '15 at 6:35
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    huh :| I wanted it to be removed so that my screen lock is bit more safe. I mean when I type a key others can see the ripple effect and guess the password. Ripple effect it making my pin less secure :( – Abhishek Apr 25 '15 at 6:36
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    @rjt.rockx May I suggest the strong warning against Xposed framework for Lollipop. Its alpha release and its known to cause boot loops and other issues. I consider myself lucky, so I didn't had one in my lollipop. OP here might miss such warning on Xposed framework or could ignore such in a hurry to resolve the issue. – Firelord Apr 25 '15 at 13:42

Without rooting there are 2 ways at least. Neither are that great, but they do produce the desired behaviour.

Developer Settings

  1. Activate developer settings by tapping the build number 7 times
  2. Adjust the animation speed (Animator Duration Scale). Either make it much faster or disable it completely

This has the downside of disabling all the lovely material design animations universally :/ Fortunately, transitions can still be preserved so it isn't all that terrible.

Power-Saving Mode

This is essentially toggling power saving mode as required because this too will disable the lockscreen ripple animation. Whilst it also disables all animations, this may be preferable as it's easier to toggle (fewer taps) than digging into developer settings.


Rooting and installation of xposed for Lollipop is of course much more preferable, and opens up many more options, but without that, you still have the above two options.

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  • Power-saving and developer settings options didn't worked :| – Abhishek Apr 25 '15 at 11:10
  • The circle will still appear, but it should appear instantly (not with the grow and fade out) – Huey Apr 25 '15 at 11:12
  • oh..k. So, there is no way to remove circle without rooting? – Abhishek Apr 25 '15 at 11:15
  • I believe so. Wouldn't your finger generally be obscuring the circle in any case? – Huey Apr 25 '15 at 11:36
  • They will, but when I move to next key the circle doesn't disappear fast. :| – Abhishek Apr 25 '15 at 11:52

I know you asked if it can be done without root. I don't think that's possible. I tried creating a theme for cm12 that would disable the ripple system-wide but it seems "ripple_material_light" and "ripple_material_dark" is ignored in android/res/values/colors.xml (works fine when set directly for each app, that definitely is possible).

Instead I have created a simple patch to disable the ripple effect altogether (but it requires root): https://github.com/luv/android5_noripple

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