My device has been doing lots of crazy things, like uninstalling apps, installing apps that aren't in Google play store. I had questions about it yesterday, but the ones that started last night seem more important. I went to settings to see what apps were running and to check only the newly do not disturb app that popped up and noticed I have 2-3 of each app. 3 calendars, 3 tasks, 2 Facebook apps, one has some lettering next To it that the other don't, can't remember what they are. I know these weren't there a few weeks ago because I was trying to find my camera and gallery that were installed on this device, but have vanished. What can I do to track down where they went, as well as who did this?

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    First, make sure that there's nobody playing with your phone without your knowledge. Second, multiple running processes of the same app is actually normal, unless the apps are similar but different. Third, just for clarification, what phone model & Android version are you using? Are you rooted (if don't understand and can't answer it, then probably not)? Did you install suspicious apps? (e.g. I heard "Super Flashlight" or similar is suspicious) – Andrew T. Apr 27 '15 at 11:14
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    Are there any apps you've installed shortly before this started? Maybe even from "other sources"? In that case, you might have "hacked yourself" by installing a malicious app (which from your description seems the most likely thing). To really "clean up the mess" then without much background knowledge, you might have to factory-reset your device – which as a side-effect would mean you're losing all your app-data and the apps you've installed. There might be other solutions, but they are a little more complicated to apply. – Izzy Apr 27 '15 at 11:42
  • Have you installed antivirus software? – Matthew Read Apr 27 '15 at 14:48

You need to check the network Input-Output if, there is a hacker or suspicious app installed and its using of your Internet Connection or Internet Bandwidth.

Most of the android hack tools, need Internet Access for Remote Access just for remote hacking or remote connection.so,

the best think is, you need to install the Packet Sniffers or Network Sniffers for find the suspicious Process.with :

Capturing mobile phone traffic

and other Programs (In android - Apk App) if you can install an app.

Also, as Andrew.T said, you can check the phone for suspicious apps and delete them for prevention access of hacker.

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    I'm afraid that's not something you can ask a beginner to do. This kind of analysis would require some "expert knowledge": What kind of traffic is "good", what is "bad" – and how to tell one from the other? Most apps access the network for one or another reason. And it requires some knowledge to tell the bad guys apart. – Izzy Apr 27 '15 at 11:45

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