I have a Kyocera Hydro. There is a directory on the phone kcjlogger. It sounds suspicious. Does anyone know what it is or how I can investigate to find out? I was unable to find any answers searching. Thanks

shell@android:/data/kcjlogger/tmp # ls -al
ls -al
-rw------- system   system          0 2015-04-15 22:38 kcjlog_from_tombstone_00
  • Could you try to open the file using text editor and see what its content? Researching that didn't return any useful info. It could actually be KCJ Logger, and not "keylogger", but researching that returned nothing either. – Andrew T. Apr 28 '15 at 5:29
  • @Andrew the file is size 0 it has no content unfortunately. – newguy Apr 29 '15 at 18:48

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