I'm new to the Android camp (having used iOS for many years) and whilst there are many things I like about my Sony Z3, the performance isn't one of them. At its core my question is;

Is it possible to install the vanilla version of Android Lollipop on my Z3, and revert back if needed?

A bit of background. Since getting the phone about a month ago, I have had the phone crash on me at least every couple of days, and whilst doing a variety of things. Sometimes when trying to open an app, and sometimes just trying to unlock the phone.

Additionally the overall performance seems sluggish for a 'flagship' phone compared to my iPhone 5S.

I don't have many additional apps outside of the pre-installed ones and they are all well known apps, I'd like to think.

I am hoping to remove the Sony version of Lollipop and replace it with a 'vanilla' version in the hope that the phone becomes a bit snappier due to not having to run all of the Sony stuff in the background.

Alternatively, is there anything that can be done to speed up an Android phone, like how you can turn off some services in Windows?




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