I've installed Android Wear on my Lollipop device and when it launches it says it needs a new version of Google Play Services. But when I click on the Update Google Play Services button nothing happens. I tried searching for Google Play Services on the play store but it doesn't appear in the search results (but it does appear in the results if I search on a laptop browser, but it doesn't if searching directly on the phone). How can I update the damn thing to get Android Wear to work??

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    It should just do it behind the scenes. Is it repeatedly prompting you? – Matthew Read Apr 30 '15 at 19:14

I ran into the same issue recently when using transit app. This is how i updated Google Play Service. On your Android Wear go to settings -> About -> Versions -> Google Play services. When you press on Google Play service it will check for update and install it.

  • Procedure is correct but when it deems to work and not work seems spotty at best. – Linef4ult Feb 10 at 18:05

Here's the Play Store entry for Google Play Services in case you're looking for it.


Go to Play Store > Settings on your lollipop device. Click Build Version. Do you see a dialog telling you if Play Store is up to date? Does it now update itself if necessary?

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