I have several apps that won't connect even though I connected to WiFi google chrome and browser work find it other apps that say can't connect to server or needs internet connection. When I'm at home it works fine

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    Most likely those apps want to connect to sites which are blocked by the school's firewall. Just a wild guess – but the most obvious possibility. – Izzy May 5 '15 at 17:09

My school uses a similar system, probably the same actually. What I think it is, is either Deep Packet Inspection or your Firewall.

I am almost positive, all I know is that your school blocks the applications somehow (it could also just block the website or server the app uses).


It really depends on which apps you are talking about. Your school may be blocking certain ports. Check with the app dev to see which ports they use. This may be available through an FAQ on their site (which may include additional hints). Your school may also have some type of content filtering solution in place. At my institution, our content filtering service is often blocking perfectly legitimate content. Lastly, check with your school's network administrator. If it's appropriate content, they'll probably be willing to help open it up for you.

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