So apparently the Equalizer (or audio) UI component on the lockscreen causes my device to completely become unresponsive to touch from about the middle of the screen down. This started when I got the Lollipop (CyanogenMod 12) OTA update, and I can correlate the behavior to that (restart the device, don't play audio - no issue).

Can I disable that UI component for the lockscreen (or the Equalizer in CM12 if it comes to that) until this is fixed? My device is a OnePlus A0001.


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Settings > Lockscreen > Turn off "Display music visualizer"

  • Not to be a dick, but if that was an option, I surely would have taken it. There are no options in Display or Lockscreen to do that. May 11, 2015 at 11:41

The option to disable it only exists on some of the newer nightly builds. You won't see it on CyanogenOS 12.

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