I used to have an HTC Desire: there was an internal memory and my micro-SD card. I could navigate easily via file explorer to each.

With S II, I have also a micro-SD inserted however I can only navigate to the so-called USB storage section of the phone.

I am confused, how is storage managed in the S2 and how I can eplore the content of my micro-SD card?


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In the Galaxy S your phone storage is the same as any other phone's storage, but there is separate "internal SD" mounted at /sdcard/ that is treated by apps as if it were the external SD card. The actual external card is mounted at /sdcard/external_sd/.

(Actually, I'm not sure if /sdcard/ is an alias, since you can also see it at /mnt/sdcard/. There is no entry for the external SD in /mnt/, but you can of course access it via /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/ as well.)

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