Phone: redmi 1s Rom version: miui 5.5.1 so now i downloaded the miui6 version then just as stated in http://en.miui.com/thread-11242-1-1.html selected the file it went on till 98% but then sumthing in chinese came up and it got rebooted. Now everytime it boots only in "mi recovery" mode . I even reset all data but no use just the same.

Flashboot also done: i used mi flash it went on till 10% but then stuck with an error .The screenshot would not get uploaded so here are the details. <"mione_plus_images_4.11.21_4.1_cn is the rom"> device detected is d115b211 and the error in the status... -"unspecified error(0x80004005:FAILED(remote:partition table doesn't exist))" . I cant get out of the recovery mode.

Now Phone bricked(phone wont startup in any mode): going by http://en.miui.com/thread-54139-1-1.html. "using adb,device driver and miflash" getting an error reached the end of file (0x80070026 receiving hello packet).. now what to do still phone not starting. i used the indian as well as chinese version but same i used flash all and even flash all except data storage but still same.

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