My SGS has awful lag, and I'm considering my steps.

The first step I want to do is install Voodoo, because I'm under the impression that it's relatively easy and will not require my to reinstall everything on my phone (though I asked about that in a related question to make sure). If that doesn't provide the desired results, I want to flash a custom ROM. The one I'm looking at is Darky's ROM.

Will I have to uninstall Voodoo before installing Darky's ROM, or can I install Darky's on top of Voodoo?


The default kernel (Dark Core) is derived from the Voodoo kernels, but the lagfix is disabled by default. For example, the v9.5 description on XDA has the following note:

New Kernel >> Dark Core v1.0 inside! I9000, I9000M, I9000T ONLY (Cappy users choose speedmod or skip kernel)

Customized and built by ficeto [Team Darky Dev Crew]

Based on supercurio’s latest voodoo sound 6, lagfix and color - thanks a ton, Mr. Supercurio

If you install on top of a kernel with Voodoo enabled already then you should be fine (and I don't believe it will disable it, but you can re-enable if it does). There are a handful of threads on the Darky forums that talk about some of the nuances to this, but here are a couple:

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You should always disable/remove Voodoo before installing a new ROM except when the ROM in question includes Voodoo as the default.

Iit appears that Darky's ROM includes a custom kernel that includes Voodoo, meaning you don't have to disable it:

If you have a Dark_Core / Voodoo kernel installed with lagfixes enabled and you are or v10.1 (upgrade through CWM, not Odin) then it is recommended that you don't disable your lagfixes. And you will save a lot of time (Dark_Core and Voodoo kernels are from the same family)

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