My SGS has awful lag, and I'm considering my steps.

The first step I want to do is install Voodoo, because I'm under the impression that it's relatively easy and will not require my to reinstall everything on my phone (though I asked about that in a related question to make sure). If that doesn't provide the desired results, I want to flash a custom ROM. The one I'm looking at is Darky's ROM.

Will I have to uninstall Voodoo before installing Darky's ROM, or can I install Darky's on top of Voodoo?

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The default kernel (Dark Core) is derived from the Voodoo kernels, but the lagfix is disabled by default. For example, the v9.5 description on XDA has the following note:

New Kernel >> Dark Core v1.0 inside! I9000, I9000M, I9000T ONLY (Cappy users choose speedmod or skip kernel)

Customized and built by ficeto [Team Darky Dev Crew]

Based on supercurio’s latest voodoo sound 6, lagfix and color - thanks a ton, Mr. Supercurio

If you install on top of a kernel with Voodoo enabled already then you should be fine (and I don't believe it will disable it, but you can re-enable if it does). There are a handful of threads on the Darky forums that talk about some of the nuances to this, but here are a couple:


You should always disable/remove Voodoo before installing a new ROM except when the ROM in question includes Voodoo as the default.

Iit appears that Darky's ROM includes a custom kernel that includes Voodoo, meaning you don't have to disable it:

If you have a Dark_Core / Voodoo kernel installed with lagfixes enabled and you are or v10.1 (upgrade through CWM, not Odin) then it is recommended that you don't disable your lagfixes. And you will save a lot of time (Dark_Core and Voodoo kernels are from the same family)

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