Two different devices, a Nexus 7 tablet and Moto X. Both running last Kit Kat update. Nexus has Gmail app 5.1, Moto X has Gmail app 4.9. Gmail on my computer works fine. Both devices last synced 2 days ago at same time and neither will sync even manually now. Both worked just fine until 2 days ago. All other Google apps sync fine, only my Gmail doesn't. Since Gmail on my computer is fine and two separate devices using 2 different Gmail app updates don't sync, it seems like it has to do with my Gmail account or with the Google server, not the Gmail app per ae .Why did 2 devices stop at same time with my computer working just fine? Haven't been able to receive or send emails or draft emails from Nexus or Moto X for 2 days. Again, all other Google apps manually sync on both devices but Gmail will not on either. Don't see that this is another widespread sync problem like last June. Please advise. Thanks.

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Just now, 51 hours after the sync failure problem began,my tablet and phone both started Gmail manual syncing again. No fix was applied. I can only assume therefore it was a Google issue and not my account, devices or the app. The only unifying root cause would be a Google server issue or my Gmail account, and that account always worked on my computer. Hopefully it will remain functional.

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