I am having the problem of many application not responding on my Micromax Yureka after upgrading Lollipop Android 5.0. My phone hangs a lot I want to revert back to KitKat.

It was working flawlessley in KitKat. Also, the screen diplay disappers when a call is going on, because of which I am unable to decline the call


When I searched Google with "micromax yureka kitkat ROM", the very first link was a YouTube video explaining all nicely.

It explains by getting the ROM from XDA and further instructions are available at that page.

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  • Thanks but there is a catch here. The XDA thread was last updated in Feb 2015. Lollipop update for this phone came later. I should mention that Kitkat for this device was 32-bit while Lollipop is 64-bit for it. For some reason, you cannot downgrade (see this). Also, IMO you can't really downgrade usually from Lollipop to Kitkat just by using a zip on Recovery. Even my OPO will brick using this method. – Firelord May 14 '15 at 7:27

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