I'm checking the effectiveness of using different cpu governors for my android phone under different conditions; The problem is that I can't be sure of the amount of battery usage for each configurations with a period of time, say for 1 hour;(so that I compare them)

Is there any way or any app that can tell how much battery was used during the for example last hour?

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I'd use Tasker for something like this! You can make a task to do the following:

  • Context: run between ?? a.m. and ?? p.m.
    • Check the Repeat box and set to every 1 hour
  • Add Task
  • Pick File -> Write File
  • Give it a title, click the "tag" button and choose Battery Level
  • I checked "Append" and "Add Newline" as well, but the last would be optional I guess.

This will make your phone write the current battery level to a file that you create once each hour. If you're creative with the "Text" field, you could even have it record the time and date as well (See Examples in screenshots).

Context: Time (Repeat) -> Add Task: Write File -> Battery Log: Setup recording

  • thanks for your replay; ok; I did it and it works; but can we have battery level with more precision? something like 87.126%
    – wiki
    May 14, 2015 at 18:38
  • I don't believe so. From what I know, the percentage is only reported from the system as an integer, so the software itself has no way of reporting tenths/hundredths/thousandths of a percent. I have no references for this though and couldn't find any relevant material, I'd love if someone found some substantial documentation on this. May 14, 2015 at 18:48

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