My Moto E wouldn't boot for some reason, so I rooted it and installed:

  • CWM,
  • installed a stock ROM for my specific device model,
  • backed it up and then installed CM12.

Too buggy so I went back to backed up ROM.


Ever since I installed that stock ROM (downloaded from the Internet), however, I have had no cell service at all. No text messages, not anything.

Also, my IMEI is the same as the IMEI printed on my phone, and I tried renaming apnf_conf.xml to .bak (or something like that) via instructions on XDA. It shows no cell bars in my status bar, and when it boots it's in Airplane Mode (but Wifi and BT are on). When I turn off Airplane Mode, it makes no difference to anything and I can't turn it back on.

So if I could get some help with this that would be great because I really don't want to pay for service I'm not getting.


I've faced a similar issue when I flashed CM12 into my Moto E XT1022 and reverted back to stock.

The solution was to boot into fastboot mode, erase modemst1 and modemst2 and flash the NON-HLOS.bin of KK ROM.

You'll need the stock ROM files in order to do this. NOT A ROM BACKUP.

The commands to use:

fastboot erase modemst1
fastboot erase modemst2
fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot reboot

After the reboot, it might take some 5 minutes to get a signal. IF you still don't get a signal, try this:

1) Open the dialpad and type: *#*#4636#*#*

2) Head over to Phone Information and scroll down to Set preferred network type.

3) Try changing this value after waiting for a few minutes.

  • I don't get service after flashing NON-HLOS.bin and can't access the #*#*4636*#*# menu on stock ROM; can only do that on CM12. Is there a specific place fastboot copies NON-HLOS from? And where do I put the freshly downloaded, stock NON-HLOS? – Aidan Hynes May 22 '15 at 0:30
  • Oops sorry, the fastboot flash code was wrong and hence maybe you couldn't flash it. Also the right code is #*#4636#*# like star hash star hash 4636 hash star hash star. After you downloaded the stock ROM, you'll need to open a cmd or terminal depending upon the OS and then, you'll need to use cd to the stock rom folder. After that is done, type all the fastboot commands I've mentioned in the answer. – Surya Teja Karra May 22 '15 at 1:56
  • Alright, I'll type what I did: 1. moved the .bin to my /Program Files/Android/android-sdk/platform-tools/ folder for ease of access. 2. Shift + right clicked in that folder and opened command window in folder. 3. typed commands you told me to. 4. no service after 20 minutes, so go into dialer and type "star#star#4646star#star" and all that happens is the numbers I typed disappear. If it matters, when I dial a number my phone tells me to turn off Airplane Mode. – Aidan Hynes May 22 '15 at 2:07
  • Well, the steps are correct and you didn't miss anything. Now, the code is again wrong. its hash star hash star after the numbers are written. The numbers will disappear after you type the code in and IF you type it correctly, a window would appear. You are typing the code wrong in the dialer. star hash star hash 4636 hash star hash star Make sure you verify this. As far as the fastboot commands are concerned, the order is correct. – Surya Teja Karra May 22 '15 at 2:31
  • damn, I keep writing out what I typed wrong. I typed it exactly as you said it, I just failed to proofread both my comments lol. Numbers disappear, no window shows up. – Aidan Hynes May 22 '15 at 8:28

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