Earlier this month I thought I had a virus so I factory reset my phone, which is rooted. I have been trying to reinstall my games, over 40 of them. Only have 6 of them now and my phone keeps telling me I have insufficient space, with all the apps and games that I can move to my 16 gig SD card, which only has less than one gig used on it.

I used to always get error 491 before factory reset. I have been getting 915 and most recently, 905. And the ones that do download to 100% lockup at 100% and won't open. Plus I can't even update. Please help me fix, especially the 915 latest error.


Try to download SD maid in your device clear your phone cache and reebot you device i think that should work, if works don't forget to download anti virus in your device like avira..

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  • What does an anti-virus have to do with that? – Izzy May 27 '15 at 10:35

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