Just noticed this now, I'm pretty sure option was there a few days ago...

now I can't stop Play Store from using up my data. There is now a global "restrict data access" but it doesn't seem to apply to some apps - like the play store

EDIT weird, now they're back again. I think the only thing I did was logout (via about:debug, then setting->debug->reset prelogin, the last one)


The option is "Restrict Background Data" and you can access it on Settings -> Power Saving, after choosing a proper power saving mode.

To stop Google Play from hogging your data, open the Google Play app settings and look at the "Auto-update apps" option. There is a possibility to only update when connected to an wifi network.

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  • the per-app Restrict Background Data is in Data Usage, after you touch on an app, at the bottom. The global option is on the menu button of Data Usage. I don't have Settings -> Power Saving, so I think we have different versions (mine is 4.2.2). Anyway, it came back (see my edit), so this is just FYI. – hyperpallium May 17 '15 at 4:37

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