My Moto G 1st gen running on Lollipop does not want to aggregate Google contacts from my contact.google.com list. The Contacts app does not allow me to import contacts from Google account. It also does not recognize the Google account in the Contacts > Menu > Accounts - I can see Facebook account and Skype account, but not the Google account (even when it is visible in the Settings > Accounts).

I cannot add any new account. When I click on the "Add account", it gives me the possibility to choose 2 "Exchange" accounts with the Gmail icon, but for both of them, when clicked, it says that there is already a Google account on the device.

  • I have tried to reinstall with no Facebook account introduced, does not work
  • I have tried to pass via Google+, it imported the contacts from Google+ without the phone numbers.
  • I have restored the SMS (backed up previously from my phone) and it does not recognize the sender (only the numbers),
  • It does recognize some of the callers, but it still asks whether to add them to contacts, so most probably it is not from my Google contacts.
  • reinstalls, reboots, reformat - all done.

Do you have any ideas?

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