I see lots of apps that can create "files that contain text", but the files are in their own proprietary format. I would like to create a plain text file so that if the file is transferred to a computer, it could be opened using a common text editor, like notepad or gedit etc.
Is this possible?

  • Samsung galaxy note 2
  • running android 4.4.2

You can easily create a plain text file in Android which can be opened by editors like Notepad, Wordpad, Gedit, Kate, etc. in PC. I use 920 text editor (hasn't been updated since ages) for such and use them in Kate editor of KDE Plasma in Slackware GNU/Linux (Also tested in Windows and Ubuntu). You may use any other editor of your choice. See this answer or the various text editors listed here on Play Store.

Other than that, ES File Explorer File Manager also allows creating and editing a text file.

Launch it → New → File → name the file with .txt at the end → open it as text with ES Note Editor.

In addition, if your device is mounted in your PC via USB Storage, or is accessible via MTP/FTP/(a server), then you can use default mechanism of the desktop OS to create a text file in Android. (I do a lot of editing over FTP.)

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    thanks, yes its such a basic task you would think it should be trivial - unfortunately having an editor installed doesn't mean you can create files without jumping through a few hoops. The problem being mostly around the fact apps dont seem to be able to write to the external SD card, which is where most of the files I interact with live. Also I actually agree with the policy that android prevents apps having write access on the SD card, however it seems a side effect is that it makes it harder to create simple text files that can be used on a PC – the_velour_fog May 21 '15 at 11:32
  • I purged that trivial part. Was serving no good to anyone. :) – Firelord May 21 '15 at 11:34
  • This external SD card wasn't mentioned in the question at first. So there was no way I could address it. My answer works well for any 4.x+ Android with Internal Storage. It will take few hours to get my hands on the device running 4.4.2 and having SD card. I'll edit my answer for further input. Besides, ES Explorer and the last method will work easily. – Firelord May 21 '15 at 11:38
  • Thanks, yes your answer worked great for me , thanks alot :) Your are right I didnt mention the external issue in the question, so I should have been more clear, I mentioned the comment in the context that its definitely not a straight forward job - I honestly could have googled for a day - and never realised the solution you gave which was to install another file explorer - and thats the solution that works perfectly ! – the_velour_fog May 21 '15 at 11:49
  • Thank you @Firelord I have asked a subsequent question. Ideally, I want to edit txt file on my PC then the edit will sync to my Android phone, and if I edit it on the phone then the same txt file on PC will be edited automatically. How can I do this? – user42459 Feb 23 '19 at 19:32

Turbo Editor is what you're looking for.

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