I have 2 Google accounts.

When I was first hooking up cloud printing, I connected my printer with account A and then shared it with B.

I then realized that I preferred to have cloud printing go through account B. I deleted the printer from account A and connected it to B.

I can now cloud print through account B, but the account A printer still shows up (greyed out). Worse yet, it's the default printer. So, every time that I cloud print, I have an extra 2 clicks.

How do I delete a cloud printer that it is no longer to be "shared" with me or, at least, change which cloud printer is the default?

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You can delete cloud printers through this page. I've never been able to tell how defaults occur, though. It seems to mostly do it by what was used last, but randomly it doesn't. Sorry I can't give you a good answer on that part.

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