I can't be the only one who has this problem: my touchscreen reacts to the cotton of my jeans. I carry my DHD upside down in my pocket, and on an incoming call, when I drag it out of my pocket, it interacts with the jeans tissue and slides the bar up, thus declining the call.

I tried such apps as "Easy answer button," "Advanced telephone," "Full screen caller ID," but they simply overlap what's already on the screen, and while they do work (i.e., I press instead of swiping), either the result is very ugly, or the caller ID is partially invisible — not to mention I would like to swipe left/right (as in vanilla Android), rather than just press, as this is also not jeans-proof.


Custom roms will be the only way to do this. WidgetLocker changes the lock screen, but i don't think it handles incoming calls. This Gingerbread rom changes the lock screen as well as how it answers calls, changing it to the Android swipe across system, but like all roms, it requires a root and a wipe. It is a great rom though, and will do exactly what you need.

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