Guided access is an excellent set of features for the iPhone that allows one to restrict or block inputs to the device. How can I replicated this behavior with my Android phone?

The features the I am most interested in (so that I can restrict access to my phone when my children are using it) are

  • ability to disable all hard buttons (power, volume up/down, back, home, the button that display open tasks, etc.), and
  • ability to disable all touch events.

Of course such an app must also provide a way to re-enable these inputs again using one of them (or said another way, to disable the restrictions). For example, to disable guided access on the iPhone, one triples clicks the home button.


Lollipop includes a feature called 'screen pinning', where you can lock access to only a specific app; from the app you want to lock to, tap the Recents/Overview button, tap the light teal icon in the bottom-right of the card and follow the instructions onscreen.

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  • What about the ability to disable hardware buttons? – Tyson Williams Jun 8 '15 at 23:21

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