I had a Sony Xperia C with a 16GB memory card. My internal storage kept filling up which made it unable to update or download any apps. The only apps I had were WhatsApp and Instagram. Sent my phone in. Had to pay for repairs, was in for 6 weeks, and got the phone back but still the same errors.

I got a new phone Huawei G6, a brand new 16GB, and a new Google Play Store account. The phone is set for the default storage location to SD card. Moved all app that I could to an SD card. I only have 10 songs and about 100 pictures. I clear cache every day, probably 500 every day. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Please help.

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    What is the free memory left in your phone out of usable 16gb? and Have a look at the Storage view in your settings..Settings-> Storage would give you how much memory each media is using and shown separtely as applications, video, songs, photos etc..you can analyse which area is occupying most memory
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I went to the T-Moble store yesterday and asked them about this. They said that with updates and only 8 gigs of memory, my phone will fill up. I will just have to buy a new phone with bigger internal memory because some programs can't be shifted to the SD card. A 16 gig internal memory is good. I wish they would have told me this when I bought the phone.


It seems your internal app partition is full. Check it on Settings> Storage> under phone storage what left as available on app section. If it is full (150mb free is not usable) you have 2 options:

  1. You can swap your external SD. You can read full note here: (NB: it works if you have a MTK device, I don't know what if other devices) How to swap phone storage with SD card

  2. Partition of external SD. read it here: How to Partition SD Card and Use Link2SD in any Android Phone with Screenshots

Hope it helps.

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